Eleven months later

A crazy thing happened to me the other day. I looked at a calendar and realized it was almost the end of September. While normally this would have little significance for me (other than signalling that fall is here), this year the date jumped into my head. It made me stop and realize that HOLY CRAP, I HAVE BEEN AT THIS JOB FOR ALMOST ELEVEN MONTHS! This is a time I always knew would come since time always move forward, however, it seems like the 11 month mark snuck up on me really fast.

To use a cliched phrase, but one that I feel is apt in this situation: “choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life.” This is exactly how I feel now that I am quickly rushing toward the one year mark in this position. I am extremely fortunate to have a job I love and to enjoy coming to work each day. To celebrate this almost anniversary, I feel a reflection on the last eleven months is in order.

A small sampling of highlights in no particular order:

  • Received a Dean’s Innovation Grant
  • Elected to represent Group II in the Faculty Senate
  • Elected to represent Group II on the Faculty Senate Executive Committee
  • The CMS Department was trained and became part of a NACO funnel
  • Received a “Highly Effective” rating on my probationary review
    • I am therefore now an actual Assistant Librarian
  • I was selected to help fellow librarians draft a UNT Policy specifically for librarians.
  •  Begin a research project to help make table top games more discoverable and searchable in library catalogs
  • Attended the 2016 ALA annual conference in Orlando, Florida

I am sure I missed some things, but even just looking at this list, it is amazing what can be accomplished in such a short time.

I am excited to move forward, continue in this position, and see what the future holds!