I recently checked out the UNT Library’s set of littleBits electronics. These are essentially circuit board components that can be magnetically snapped together to create various electronic devices. There is no wiring or soldering required and they are geared toward getting younger kids interested in electronics and circuity.

The true beauty of this product is, that while there are building instructions for certain projects, all the parts can be interchanged and used with each other to create any number of other projects that have never existed before. Also, you can find inspiration on the littleBits website by looking at other people’s creations.

UNT has a few sets, with almost every piece from the littleBits collection included, available for checkout from The Factory at UNT. One word of note though, make sure you have time to wait when you want to check out/check in the littleBits kit because the staff at The Factory has to make sure every part is there before you can leave.