Career update

4 Month Update

It is hard to believe I have been a librarian now for four months. It seems like I just started yesterday, but when you look at the numbers I have almost been here half a year. As the saying goes, time flies when you are having fun, and I am truly having fun.

Here is a small look at the things I have done and learned since arriving last November:

  • Joined the RIG group of librarians which promote research and publishing
  • Attended various meeting and tried to make myself known by people around the library
  • Learned the intricacies of being a “faculty-equivalent” librarian
  • Cataloged a lot of physical and electronic books
  • Began creating a poster presentation with a colleague about a signature database we use
    • This presentation was accepted at TLA and we are waiting to hear back from ALA
  • Began researching genre terms for table top games with two other librarians
  • Took over responsibility for facilitating the physical book workflow in the cataloging department
  • Learned about and took classes on the new BibFrame standard being created by the Library of Congress
  • Was nominated for a seat on the UNT faculty senate
  • Dealt with the interesting quirks of the UNT Library Annex Building
  • Participated in the campus visit/interview of the new head of cataloging
  • Began to adjust to the fact that I am now truly a colleague of the other faculty on campus
  • Became cataloging liaison to the collection development area
  • Became one of three liaisons for the libraries for the new UNT Faculty Information System
  • Began to find out how I fit as a librarian into the profession

I have had a blast so far and I hope to continue to do great things and have a lot of fun while doing them!

Thanks for reading.