Commuting on a bike.

I have enjoyed biking all my life, but my current love of cycling was developed when I was a student employee at the UNT Media Library. Two of the staff members there were big into the local biking community and talking with them got me excited to regularly ride my bike again. I would go on bike rides in the evenings or on the weekends and I had a great time exploring on two wheels, but I never had the need to ride my bike unless it was just going out for fun. Also, due to the proximity of previous work and home, I could always walk and never needed to bike (even though I did most of the time, just because it was fun.)

However, when I got my new cataloging job at the UNT Libraries, I decided that I would revive my days at the UNT Media Library and make my commute to work on a bicycle. This seemed easy and straightforward, because my new work location was only about 3 miles away from home. When I drove there in a car for the first time, the route seemed easy, except that there is really only one road in and out of this location. Also, the area where I work is home to a Peterbilt truck plant, and at least five large manufacturing and distribution operations. This means that there are no shortage of large semi-trailer trucks on the single road to and from work and home.

This was initially unnerving because I would be on a tiny bike and having to share the road with 18-wheelers. However, I did not lose my conviction and decided that I should make a few trial runs before my initial start date. Early one Sunday I got up, hopped on my bike, and rode to work even though I would not be starting for a few more weeks. This ride proved much easier than I had thought, but it was a Sunday after all and the traffic is usually subdued on a Sunday. Therefore, I decided to put my want of a bike commute to the full test by riding to new-work one evening before I started during the 5ish o’clock rush hour. This was just as easy as the Sunday ride even though there were more cars and trucks on the road. They all gave me adequate room or slowed down as they passed, and never once did I feel like I would be run over.

I have been bike commuting to work ever since and it is still going great! On the rare occasion I have to drive my car to work (to either get to a meeting or somewhere else quickly) I always find myself wishing I could be on a bike. If you enjoy biking and ever find yourself able to safely commute via bike, I highly recommend it!

Biking/Bike Commuting Tips:

  • Wear a helmet!
  • Use lots of lights and reflectors so you can easily be seen.
  • Test your route to ensure safety and familiarity.
  • Have fun and enjoy the ride.