One Month

I have officially been at my new job for one month and it is going great!

Every morning I wake up and really want to go to work. I enjoy my bike commute, I enjoy all the things I do, I also enjoy all the people I work with.

So far, my job mainly consists of the following:

  • Adaptive Cataloging
    • (This process is specifically for physical books)
    • Editing pre-made records in OCLC to ensure they are up to UNT’s standards
    • Getting records checked my Lead Cataloger
    • Exporting those records to Sierra
    • Ensuring they transferred to Sierra correctly
    • Sending the book along for processing
  • Processing various types of DDA records
    • (DDA stands for Demand Driven Acquisition)
    • (These records are all eBooks)
    • Edit and Load DDA Discovery Records for items we do not own but may in the future
    • Edit DDA Purchased Records for items that were automatically purchased through the DDA process
    • I use MarcEdit to edit all of these files before uploading them into Sierra
  • Process Firm Orders
    • Download and Edit (using MarcEdit) the eBook records for items that have been purchased for use in the library
    • Notify patrons of activation when necessary
  • Edit/Update Retrospective ETDs
    • (ETD stands for Electronic Thesis and Dissertation)
    • This is an ongoing and collaborative project between the UNT Digital Library, the Toulouse Graduate School, and the Cataloging and Metadata Services Department.
    • The Digital Library digitized all hard copies of old Thesis and Dissertations and have put minimal records online
    • CMS Department expands the records and makes sure the records in Sierra are correct
    • (All current thesis and dissertations already come in electronic format, so the process is similar, but not as complex
  • Various other things
    • I attend trainings and meetings as required or needed

Soon I will start to learn everything about Authority Control and will eventually become the master of Authority Control since my job title is Catalog Management Librarian and therefore I will have to eventually manage the catalog.